Why Do I Need Spring HVAC Maintenance in Turlock, CA?

Your heat pump needs maintenance at least once a year if you live in Turlock, CA, because it runs enough in the summer to incur some level of wear and tear. Before those higher temperatures arrive, consider scheduling maintenance. A heat pump tune-up in spring can prevent breakdowns in summer and provide other benefits besides.

More Efficient Cooling

Without maintenance, a heat pump may not even reach the 10-year mark, and before it dies, it will experience problems that reduce its efficiency. Short-cycling is one example: Rapid cycles may fail to make your home comfortable, and they prevent the heat pump from hitting its stride in terms of efficiency. With maintenance, though, you won’t experience short-cycling or come across any other problem that makes it harder for the system to do its job.

A Drop in Your Energy Bill

Homeowners with inefficient heat pumps tend to see a dramatic rise in their energy bill even in the middle of the cooling or heating season. You can avoid wasting energy by having a spring tune-up, and you might even see a decrease in your monthly bill.

While you may still need the occasional HVAC repair, maintenance can save you money by making these jobs infrequent. Whatever jobs that do arise will be smaller in scale and therefore cost you less.

Your Warranty Stays Valid

Assuming that you have a warranty for your heat pump, you’ll require professional maintenance to keep it valid. Manufacturers don’t want to pay for repairs that may have arisen because of the homeowner’s lack of vigilance and care.

For dependable HVAC maintenance in Turlock, get in touch with Dycus Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. Our family-owned and -operated company has over 20 years of experience keeping homeowners cool, and we can maintain any brand or model of heat pump.

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